Useful tips to ensure compatibility

Update your iPhone/iPod Touch to OS version 2.2.

  1. To update to iPhone and iPod Touch OS 2.2 launch "iTunes".
  2. Plug in your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  3. Click on your iPhone or iPod Touch listed in the "Devices" section of iTunes.
  4. Click on the "Check for Update" button in iTunes. This will download and install the latest OS.

Touch Attack! Games is having problems launching

If the game immediately quits on you upon launch, then you want to delete the program from the iPhone/iPod Touch and reinstall it.

To do this you can re-sync your device with iTunes or you can re-download the program from the App Store.

Game crashes after it starts

The iPhone & iPod Touch have a limited amount of memory (RAM) to run games/applications. When the memory becomes full and cannot load anymore files, application crashes can occur. Fortunately you can correct this by "power cycling" the device.

  1. Click and hold the Power button (and swipe when prompted) to power off.
  2. Wait about 10 seconds then press and hold the "Home Button" to turn the device back on.
  3. In a few seconds you will be up and running. Your phone's memory (RAM) has been cleared out.

Click to download from iTunes Store

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